There are many success stories and thank you notes that we received from our customers. But here are a few that we think are good to be shared:

One former student (Caroline Smith) was undergoing difficulties in his studying because she was a single mom and had to work at night to feed the family. She had only a few hours to study a day. Then she found our service and she thanked us that using solutions manual and test bank, she could study in a more effective way. Right now, she is in her Senior Year and about to graduate with 3,5 GPA. She is looking forward for a full time job in government industries

One student (Charles Judah) was in his mid-40’s when he started going to college. He was working as a mechanics with his high school diploma. As the economic crisis kicked in, he was let go by his manager from the company he worked for. Having difficulties finding job, he decided to pursue his college degree, and of course at his age, learning calculus and chemistry was not an easy task. He then came to us for help and we were very glad to help him succeed. Right now, he got A’s and B’s for most of his classes for his Aerospace Engineering majors.

One student (Susan Lions) lost both of her parents when she was 18. She used to lived with her grandparents and had to work at a furniture store to pay for her tuition. She came to us because she was having a hard time keeping up with school homework and exams. She bought a few test banks and solution manuals from us for her classes. After a few semester, she was able to maintain 3.4 GPA while still working at the bakery store.

One student (Andrew Jong) was in his early 50’s when he tried to finish his undergraduate degree. As a daddy to 5 boys, getting back to school after forty-something year is not an easy job. However, when we met him, he showed great interest in learning about politics. In his younger year, he served in the Army and is a Vietnam war. He shared a lot about his life story to us and we were amazed by how much life-experience he has got. We were eager to help him finish college. We believe that everyone must learn new things everyday.

We met one foreign student from Iran (Abdul Hassan) who had to work part time to support his tuition fee. He was majoring in Electrical Engineering and he planned to finish her Master Degree and will probably going back to his country to contribute his knowledge. With our solutions manual products he was able to succeed in his Mechanics and Dynamics classes.

Another good experience with Andy Nickerudd from Idaho. He graduated with honors with Chemical Engineering major and currently working at a big pharmaceutical company. He thanked us for helping him during his study in organic chemistry. As most of Chemistry student knows, organic chemistry is considered ‘nightmare’ for most students. But with our help, he managed to get through the class with grade B+

David Farley was a disabled person, but with his commitment, hard work, and assistance from us, he is now a Music Education graduate and currently teaching music to disabled children. What an achievement!

Scott Amos was finally able to graduate with honors and brought good reputation for his parents.

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A few tips on how to use solutions manual and test bank / exam bank

1. Solutions manual is designed to help you study and understand the practice problems in the textbook. It is never intended for cheating purpose. With the aid of a solution manual, students can understand the question/problem better. A good solutions manual will give you an insight and training when there are similar problems occurring in the exams or quizzes

2. A good solutions manual will include detailed steps on how to solve the problems. Sometimes it gives you hints on the methods rather than showing the method outright. A solutions manual that is poorly written will give answers only without showing the details on how to reach that answer

3. You can think a test bank is like an SAT practice exam test. It gives you drilling and training for hard problems that might occur in the exams and quizzes. Test bank will usually contains True False Questions, Multiple Choice, and Short Essay Questions. Once you have this tool in your hands, studying should be easier for you.

4. Although you have the access to solutions manual and test bank, you still have to study your textbooks and attend your classes. You cannot solely rely on solutions manual or test bank alone.

Together, solutions manual and test bank compliment each other assisting students to succeed in their classes and in their academic programs

If you have problems with your failing grades or classes or exams, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] We would be there to help you.