When you purchase solutions manual / textbook solutions or test bank / exam bank from a vendor/company, you should be concerned whether your vendor is legitimate seller/vendor. A lot of vendors on the internet try to scam their buyers claiming that they have the right materials, but in the end, the buyers might never get anything from them or get the wrong product (such as older edition materials)

Here are a few tips to avoid scammers on solutions manual and test bank worlds

1. Your vendor/sellers must be able to send samples! It is recommended that you ask sample from them so that you know their credibilities. We have seen this phenomenon these past few years where scammers put illegitimate websites to scam students. You can ask random sample chapter (for example Chapter 7), by doing this you know for sure whether he really has the material or not. Avoid asking Chapter 1 or 2 because a lot of scammers have these samples downloaded for free from the internet. By asking random sample, you can also know the quality of the materials you will be getting. You will have confidence that your seller has integrity.

2. Your trusted seller must use ultra-safe 128-bit ultra secure SSL payment system as a global standard by Visa / MasterCard / Discover / AMEX cards. A good seller like us WILL NEVER STORE sensitive payment information. These information is handled directly by the payment processor. That’s why when you checkout on their payment page, it will appear on your web browser that you are paying through a secure page.

3. Once the payment is received, your trusted seller will check whether the order is valid and cleared for payment. This might take a while, but it is safer for both parties. That’s why we usually will send the item after 7-10 hours to make sure that we do not experience fraudulent orders from customers. Our payment system is using an ultimate fraud detection software to prevent fraudulent orders

4. A good and trustworthy seller will usually use an online file storage system and will send the link for the buyers to download the materials. This way, the customer will have access to the materials wherever they go. Sending by email attachment is not a good idea since some of the solutions manual and test bank are quite large in size, making it unfeasible to be attached to email message.

5. AFTER-SALES SERVICE! This is a rare gem service from other sellers. We give customer 100% satisfaction, period! Sometimes the customer might feel that the solutions manual is somehow incomplete or does not meet their expectations. We offer great refund/exchange policy should you be unsatisfied with our products. We have a lot of customers who bought from us years ago, but they had their computer hard drive failed so that they couldn’t access the materials. We were glad to re-upload the files without any charge.

These are the 5 winning qualities from a solutions manual (textbook solutions) or test bank seller. At www.solutionsmanual.net we truly thrive for service excellence & 100% professionalism. Your satisfaction is the driving force of our business and keys to our success!

Our mottos: Great Product, Excellent Services, Reasonable Price, Fast Delivery, Superb After Sales Service, Happy Customers. Over the course of 8 years, we have been serving more than 7900 students to succeed in their classes

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2019 NEW Refund and Exchange Policy:

We have an extremely fair refund and exchange policy. The key is communicating with us the problems that you might find. Refunds or exchanges might be issued on the following conditions

1. The test bank or solutions manual / textbook solutions file is corrupted. Each solutions manual and test bank we deliver are usually tested before delivery. However on some occasion it might be corrupted. When this happens, please do let us know and we will fix the problem for you. If we cannot fix the problem, then we can issue refund or exchange

2. On rare occasion the test bank / solutions manual do not meet your expectation. Some might be incomplete or do not match with the chapters. In this case, please contact us to resolve the issue. We can also issue refund or exchange. We are extremely fair vendor, so we expect you to be fair to us as well.